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time for a bit of mud …

time for a bit of mud …

It’s not everyday that you make something for your Grandsons 2nd birthday with the express plan that it gets covered in mud – but that’s just what I have ended up doing.

A month or two back my daughter asked me if I could make Harry a ‘mud kitchen’ for his second birthday, I said I would if it was all possible (and of course within my limited skill set), a short while after a picture of a ‘mud kitchen’ was sent to me and I duly accepted the commission in line with my Grandparents job description – which essentially boils down to being able to fix or make anything in the world!

I think the essence of the mud kitchen idea is the clear recognition that it’s pretty good fun to get dirty, in the park, in the garden or wherever and there really is life and fun t be had away from an over reliance on technology, and spending too much time in front of a screen.

A mud kitchen ticks a few boxes, creativity, imagination, interest and … well just getting muddy, dirty and having a bit of fun – quite apart from what ever it does or might do to help build up a healthy immune system.

It turned out not to be difficult at all, some wood, a couple of bowls, some garden shed/fence type paint and a bit of blue gloss paint that I had in the shed – along with a few hours effort in the shed.

Once done my wife and I sourced a few hooks, some kitchen implements and it’s pretty much job done.

Harry isn’t two until next week and given that he has no access to social media I think I’m safe in posting this in advance of his birthday, so we will have a short wait to see just what he makes of it,

I’m hoping that much more than mud pies will be produced – perhaps a range of products that might include: pies, pasties, cakes, sausages – maybe even garnished with grass. Of course it may be that he wants to diversify and turn out a range of garden scented after shaves, balms, perfumes and other delightful offerings.

In any event I hope that Harry along with his his brother Daniel and his sister Emma end up filthy and covered in mud!