a few days in belgium …

a few days in belgium …

A brief write up and a bucket load of pictures from when Pat and I took a short break the week before last in Belgium. We went via the very decent and very easy eurotunnel crossing, which always make for a rapid and straightforward transit to mainland Europe, and if you’re only headed for northern France or Belgium it’s maybe the most hassle free way to go.

Our early start for Folkestone meant we missed the mind numbing traffic delays that the route south is often prone to when you either get the timing wrong or you just get unlucky.

Our crossing was routine and we were headed for Ypres pretty much on schedule.

We drove straight to our apartment checked in and were out for a wander pretty much within 20 minutes of getting there. We stayed just a two minute walk from the Menin Gate – which has its own special place in wartime history.

Ypres itself seemed to be a fairly small and compact place, and a very pretty one as well, with a decent selection of bars and enough variety of places to eat that probably cater for most tastes.

If visiting,  I would say its well worth spending some time to take in the terrific In Flanders Fields museum which is dedicated to the study of the First World War.

The museum itself is in  Cloth Hall (Lakenhalle) on the market square in the city centre.  It really is first class and it’s also worth going to top if the belfry whilst your there.

We also took in the moving Last Post ceremony on both nights we were there (it takes place at 8pm, and has done every night since 1928). It’s a quite fitting tribute to the carnage and lives lost all those years ago.

We also took in a trip to the Paschendale Memorial Museum which is only a short drive from Ypres and another place that is more than worth a visit and recounts the sobering tragedy of the First World War battles that took place in that area of Flanders.

After that we made the short journey to the Tyne Cott memorial, the largest of the British War Commission memorials (in the world).

After our enjoyable and educational time in Ypres we headed for Bruges and an overnight there. We had stayed in Bruges a few years ago, and even though our stay this time was just for the one night we had a great time wandering around and ended up walking a little over 12 miles.

All in all a very decent trip and to places that I’m sure we will return to at some point.

And a few more random snaps below from our all too short break:

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