another few weeks pass by …

Peek a BooAnother few weeks have passed by since I last posted on this Blog – that’s not because we haven’t seen much of our grandchildren – quite the opposite in fact, it’s just been a case of there not really being enough hours in the day to keep up to date with everything.


Not surprisingly the children continue to be massively entertaining and the continued development of their personalities and abilities continues to astound us (as well as bringing us great pleasure).

I addition to sampling some of Grandma home made (best served warm) sticky stem ginger cakes we also got to sample some of their home made Slovakian biscuits … which were magnificent.

IMG-20171013-WA0006A trip to my parents in Cardiff saw us come back with homemade shortbread from Great Grandma – heart shaped and with the children individuals initials set into them, which not surprisingly went down well as did the duck shaped egg cups which received a fine thumbs up from Daniel.

Last but not least was the now routine taking of ‘staircase pictures’, this time with Daniel and Emma wearing a couple of my old crash helmets – complete of course with some face pulling!







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