park time …

We had some time in Wythenshawe Park this week with Daniel, Emma and Harry.  Its always a reasonable park to go to, plenty of parking, decent play area for the children, woods to wander through and a small community farm. To be fair the community farm isn’t great, but the children always seem to enjoy a quick wander around there.

Our visit started well when Emma spotted a small hedgehog as soon as we got out of the car.

After that it was straight to the park area for some pretty energetic play on the most of the items that were there.

It doesn’t seem so long ago that when Daniel and Emma went on the swings they only wanted to be gently pushed – how things change, this time they had me pushing them as high as they could possibly go and then as fast as they could possibly go on the small roundabout!

Next up was time for a wander through the small woods and time to collect some ‘interesting things’ which included acorns and which in turn led to finding an oak tree and making the link between the acorn and the tree, and then of course some hide and seek, quickly followed by some tree climbing and a walk to the statue of Oliver Cromwell.

Next up was time to sit down and eat our picnic, before a wander around the small community farm. To be honest by this stage I was more than ready for the respite of that sit down and a welcome cup of coffee.

We rounded our visit off with something from the ice cream van, always a decent way to finish off a trip out with your grandparents.

All in all a decent day.


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