quiet but enjoyable august week …

It’s been a reasonably quiet August week for us … so far, I say so far as today we have our three grandchildren, so it’s a case of bit of picnic in the park, a run around and a play on the swings and slides and then back to ours, no doubt for a bit of Thunderbird time.

On Monday I was down at a motorcycle dealers in Manchester taking a bike out for a test ride, and there will be a separate post about that in the next few days on my other blog – motorbikes.blog

Monday evening saw the return of football at the Etihad for the 2017/18 season. This was the second game of the season and my son and I had been in Brighton last week to watch the first game of the new campaign and to see collect all three point with a fine 0-2 win.

We enjoyed the game against Everton, a team that we haven’t done especially well against in recent years and although a pretty decent game of football, the final score was 1-1 which was a little disappointing.

On Tuesday we had a decent wander around Knutsford, which was nice. We hadn’t gone for any particular reason really, although we were keen to see if we could spot any Thunderbird related toys and paraphernalia in any of the local charity shops for our grandchildren.  The weather was decent and its was altogether quite pleasant just wandering around with no particular purpose and stopping off for a bite to eat in one of the local cafes.

Wednesday we were  in Cardiff to visit my parents, and unlike our last trip down to Cardiff at the beginning of August our journey (both ways) was pretty decent and not subject to delays.  and we enjoyed a decent lunch at the Coach and Horses, a fairly local hostelry

Yesterday our nephew Andy spent the day with us, but not before we had both nipped down to the motorcycles dealers that I had been at earlier in the week, after the visit there it was back to ours for some work on one of the bikes.

The suns shining and it looks like we have a decent day in prospect, time to get showered and get the picnic sorted then …



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