thunderbirds are go …

As a child growing up in the 1960’s the futuristic tales of International Rescue and the Thunderbirds easily captivated me and I suppose I probably watched all of the episodes at least a couple of times.


I would have been around six years old when the first episodes were broadcast and there’s something neat that now over 50 years later my Grandchildren are discovering pleasure and entertainment in that same thing.

This new found area of interest was prompted when they spotted some die-cast Thunderbird models in the garage the other day, which in turn led to me looking up a few episodes on You Tube to help me explain how Thunderbirds 1, 2 and 3 took off.

Both Daniel and Emma were as taken with Thunderbirds as I was all of those years ago, despite the puppetry being amateurish when compared to the latest CGI type productions.

It wasn’t a long step from there to them asking if they could come to our house to make Tracey Island … and that’s exactly what we did last week – although the keen observer will note that our cardboard model of the ‘island’ differs a little from the original, but there’s no stopping when you’ve got imagination, cardboard, glue and a bit of paint.

There’s some pictures below of the work taking place and the creativity didn’t stop with the children, I crafted the magnificent (and realistic) swimming pool on the top- clicking on a picture will open a scrolable galery. 

Our visit to Buxton yesterday was directly linked to this stuff as we spent an hour or so scouring the charity shops there for old Thunderbird toys – unfortunately our search was good fun but fruitless.

Although Harry was with us he didn’t take part in the construction work, preferring to check the walls for hand marks … a spot of lunch and then the finished item complete with Thunderbirds 1, 2 and 3 in their respective ‘parking’ areas …


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